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By Suzana Sukovic
#EBLIPRG exists! We have “minutes” of our first meeting to prove it In case you aren’t sure what the abbreviation stands for – it’s Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Reading Group.

We decided to go ahead with monthly meetings on Twitter on the last Thursday of a month. We’ll alternate times to include as many people from different time zones as possible. Our choice for now are two time slots – 2 pm and 8 pm AEST, but we are open to suggestions.

The group is aiming to have as many different facilitators as possible from all LIS sectors. The meeting facilitator will choose the reading, preferably on a topic of broad interest and freely available.

We’d like to have meetings, facilitators and readings lined up in advance. If you are interested, please let us know via #EBLIPRG or contact us via LARK.

Article: The Researcher Librarian Partnership: building a culture of research by Helen Partridge, Insa Haidn, Terry Weech, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Michael Seadle. Library & Information Research, Vol 38, No 118 (2014)
Available from  
I’ll be the facilitator.

Please feel free to share the details and join discussions online. Everyone is welcome.



  1. Unknown

    I'd like to join this group or at least try it out. I am here in Japan so hopefully I will be able to adjust the time difference I believe it is just an hour. So pretty much all I have to do is read the article in preparation for the discussion? Just for information presently I am working in a MS/HS library at an all boys' school in Tokyo, Japan. This is my first year working here. Previously I worked at an all girls elementary school 18 years in the classroom and 12 years in the library. I received my MA.Ed from Charles Sturt University. Looking forward to joining you all next Thursday.

  2. LARK

    HI Janelle, it'd be great if you could join us from Tokyo. You are right. All you have to do is to read the article and be on Twitter at the right time and #EBLIPRG

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