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Thursday 27 August 4pm-5pm AEST

By Liz Walkley Hall

Since the recent EBLIP8 conference, some of us have been
considering how we might build on the fantastic connections we made
there — both face to face and on the Twitter back channel using the
#eblip and #LARK hashtags. We have a common cause in growing
a community of practice in evidence-based librarianship, but weren’t
sure how best to do this as busy practitioner researchers.

Further conversation on Twitter saw our initial thoughts and
connections evolve. Fiona started us off by suggesting a journal club.
Suzana offered the LARK space to bring it together.

And Liz sought the wisdom of the crowd for ideas and inspiration.

 We got lots of great responses from the EBLIP community…

And so our Twitter reading group is born! Our inaugural “meeting” will be this Thursday 27 August 4pm-5pm AEST and will focus on the how-to of a twitter
reading group, including the format and frequency as well as potential topics/ articles. We plan to use the hashtags #ebliprg

and #LARK. Fiona (@macdonaldf) will moderate our initial conversation,
and Liz (@LizWalkleyHall) and Suzana (@suzanasukovic) will be joining
in, but this is very much about bringing us all together as a community
so please do add your thoughts and comments — we look forward to
hearing from you!
Liz Walkley Hall is Manager, eResearch at Flinders University


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