Workshop: Research in Practice: From Discovery to Impact

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Monday 6 May, 11 am-5 pm, ALIA National Conference, Adelaide

By Dr Mary Anne Kennan

The Editorial team of the Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association (JALIA), ALIA LARK, and the ALIA Research Advisory Committee (ALIA RAC) are jointly holding a pre-conference workshop at the ALIA National Conference in Adelaide. The conference will be held from 6-9 May, and the Workshop will be held on Monday 6 May. This year pre-conference workshops are included in the cost of a full registration, but as space is limited attendees need to pre-register. More information about the conference is available at the conference website.

The workshop will begin at 11 am and go until 5 pm. The morning session will cover research foundations beginning with a session on using published research to inform professional practice facilitated by Dr Mary Anne Kennan (CSU, LARK, JALIA Editor). This will be followed by a session which will be an overview of conducting your own research, and cover areas such as choosing your topic, finding mentors and collaborators, selecting an appropriate method, steps in conducting research, and how to apply findings. The second morning session was prepared by Emilia Bell (USQ, LARK) and will be facilitated by Dr Ellie Abdi (Curtin, ALIA RAC).

Following a lunch break, there will be a session covering the ethical principles that guide research and strategies for navigating ethical issues, including such as when is permission required from management, facilitated by Mary Anne. Dr Katherine Howard (Intersect Australia, ALIA RAC, LARK) will then facilitate a session on data collection and instrument design. A session on research communication and dissemination will then be facilitated by Mary Anne and Professor Tina Du (CSU). The final session of the day will be facilitated by Dr Ellie Abdi and contain a presentation from Dr Bhuva Narayan (UTS, JALIA, and LARK) and Edward Luca (USYD, JALIA, and LARK). The topic will be the application of research findings. It promises to be an informative and useful session.

More information about the conference and workshop is available at the conference website.


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