LARK’s Treasurer: expressions of interest

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Do you want to engage with an active ALIA group? Do you want to keep in touch with research in practice? Can you manage some financial tasks? If your answer is ‘yes’, the role of LARK’s Treasurer is for you.

The Treasurer is responsible for Group’s financial administration and serves as the point of contact for financial matters. 

The Treasurer is responsible for

·      providing individual event budget and the annual budget

·      banking cash received

·      forwarding cheques or credit card payments to be processed

·      approving Group’s expenditure and serving as one of the two signatories           necessary for Group expenditure.

This is not as daunting as it sounds. Most of our events are free and our finance is pretty simple. The LARK Chair will work with you and help is also available from the ALIA House finance team. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions and send us your expression of interest by email.

Contact: Suzana Sukovic 

Email: lark.kollektive(at) 

Twitter: @suzanasukovic

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