Connecting with new information landscapes: information literacy practices of refugees

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Drs Annemaree Lloyd, Mary Anne Kennan, Kim M. Thompson, Asim Qayyum
Journal of Documentation, Volume: 69 Issue: 1; 2013

By Annemaree Lloyd

The purpose of the research was to understand how refugees learn to engage with a complex, multimodal information landscape, and how their information literacy practice may be constructed to enable them to connect an be included in their new information landscape. The study was framed through practice and socio-cultural theories. A qualitative research design was employed including semi-structured face-to-face interviews and focus groups which were thematically explored through an information practice lens.

The findings of the study indicate that refugees encounter complex and challenging information landscapes that present barriers to their participation in their new communities. Social inclusion becomes possible where information is provided via sharing through trusted mediators who assist with navigating the information landscape and information mapping, and through visual and social sources. The study highlighted the role of, and importance of social and visual information sources and the key role of service providers as mediators and navigators.

The article was awarded the Most Outstanding Article by the international Journal of Documentation. It is freely available here.

Annemaree Lloyd is Senior Researcher at the School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University


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