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By Suzana Sukovic

LARK’s long awaited first online event is tomorrow!

Thursday, 23 June 8-9 pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)
See details how to join (LARK blog post 17 June)
Facilitators will be Alycia Bailey and I.

We are delighted to announce three great presenters. Our first speaker is from New Zealand, followed by two regular LARKs from Sydney. They will present three diverse research projects and invite everyone to join in with questions and comments.

Sally Pewhairangi (@sallyheroes)Director, Finding Heroes
Project: Library as a classroom for library staff
Description: She will explain how she used the Creative Classroom Research model to address the limitations of traditional professional development and how this has resulted in the library as a classroom for library staff.

Mary Coe – PhD student and indexer
Project: Search tools in ebooks
Description: Mary’s investigation will compare the use of search tools, including indexes, in nonfiction print books and ebooks. Possible research questions for this study may include:
• How do users navigate in print books as compared to ebooks?
• Which search tools do users prefer and how successful are the tools in helping them to find information?
• What are users’ expectations for finding information using various search tools or navigation methods in books?
Students’ use of textbooks may be a possible avenue for exploration, and Mary will look closely at research methodology used previously in this area as well as study findings. She will consider combining qualitative methods, such as interviews, with quantitative techniques, such as task-based metrics or eye tracking. The results of her study will inform design of ebooks and contribute to information organisation and user information behaviour research literature.

Janet Chelliah (in absentia) – Library Scholarly Information Manager, University of Technology, Sydney Library
Project: Flipping the textbook: student created textbook for Masters of Data Science and Innovation students
Description: The aim of this project is to investigate the processes and procedures required to embed open education resources as a key component for student learning in a course.

Prepare your favourite drink and join us online. 

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