#EBLIPRG (Evidence-Based Library Practice Reading Group) Meeting on Thursday, 29 October

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By Liz Walkley Hall
#EBLIPRG (Evidence-Based Library Practice Reading Group) Meeting on Thursday, 29 October, NEW TIME 2pm AEST on Twitter. #LARK

The next #EBLIPRG  article is :

Wilson, V. (2013). Formalized curiosity: Reflecting on the librarian practitioner-researcher. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 8(1), 111-117.

In this article, @virginiaprimary (Director, Centre for Evidence Based Library & Information Practice (C-EBLIP), University Library, University of Saskatchewan) discusses the role of practitioner-researchers and the contribution research can make to practice.

I invite all librarians, both practitioners and practitioner-researchers, to read and reflect on this article and share what it means for them in their workplaces.

Some questions to get us started:

  • Are you supported to do research in your workplace? And if so, how? It would be great to hear of any examples of support.
  • If you are a practitioner-researcher, what motivates you to do this? As there is often a personal investment (of our time) in research projects.
  • If you are not a practitioner-researcher, would you like to be? And if so, what would help you get there?

I look forward to our next stimulating tweet chat! And don’t forget the NEW time 2pm AEST, not 8pm as previously advertised. See you there.


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