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By Suzana Sukovic

Head to ALIA research page, scroll to Being Research Active

In lively discussions at EBLIP8 conference, I mentioned my interest in establishing a central place where library and information professionals and academics could express their interest in collaboration indicating areas of their research interest. The idea was enthusiastically supported and discussed at the conference, so it seemed the time was right to put it to action. After further discussions with the ALIA Research Advisory Committee and CEO, Sue McKerracher, it was decided to start small, but give ALIA members an opportunity to share information about their research interests. Lo and behold, the humble research interest spreadsheet was born. Check it out here and, even better, let ALIA know if you want to be included.

We hope this will be a good opportunity to start some partnerships. Many people in the profession who want to do research, but don’t know where to start may have an opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues while contributing in other ways to interesting research projects.


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