Natural language processing

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I have recently written a review for ALIA’s InCite magazine about Natural Language Processing (NLP). I based it on two blog posts by Swets:

S.M. Das (2013, December 3). Natural language processing (NLP) and academic literature search (Part 1) [blog post]. Retrieved from

S.M. Das (2013, December 17). NLP in academic literature search (Part 2) [blog post]. Retrieved from

If you haven’t heard of NLP before, or if you have heard about it but don’t know ‘exactly’ what it entails, I would encourage you to read the posts.  They are written in very accessible language for something fairly technical, with hyperlinks within the text taking you to similarly easy to understand articles/explanations (and some more detailed ones!).  I’ll post my review here as soon as I am able (after it has been published), but I’d be interested to hear what other people think of the future of NLP and the semantic web/semantic search.

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Katherine Howard is a PhD student at Queensland University of Technology


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