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This year LARK is celebrating 10 years of advocating and supporting research in practice. Our main event will be a day-long Research for Library and Information Practice: LARK 2022 Symposium at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) with some fabulous guest speakers and an opportunity to learn more about research in the Library and GLAM profession.

While we eagerly await our #LARK2022 symposium in September the LARK organising team were keen to keep the research conversation buzzing. Therefore, we have joined forces with ALIA New Graduates Group and will be hosting the next #AusLibChat Twitter chat on 7th June. #AusLibChat is an awesome safe space for everyone to join in and share their research stories or just tune in to listen and learn. The theme for the chat will be broadly looking at research in the library GLAM sector.

Would you like to get involved in research? Can you share some tips on research projects you know about from your reading or workplace? This will be a great chance to harness your personal learning network and connect with others who are at many different stages of the research ladder. Maybe you’ll be inspired with a new research idea? Maybe you’ll meet someone to collaborate with? Or maybe you’ll learn how to take the next step for your research project?

Please join us to discuss these questions:

1. Do you have any research projects going on in your workplace or any inspiring practice-based research project you have heard or read about?

2. Have you ever considered doing a research project? What have been the barriers or what has been helpful to working on a research project?

3. Do you think your library or information degree prepared you for doing research as part of your professional practice? What else would assist this?

4. For those who have undertaken LIS-based research, what factors made your research a reality? Did you get your work published or have any other outcomes? Don’t forget to share links so we can all take a look at your research!

5. Do you have any plans for future research? What are the issues in your practice or GLAM in general that require investigation?

We look forward to joining everyone on the 7th June. If you aren’t sure how to join in, ALIA NGG has some good tips.


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