2018 Rural Research Capacity Building Program

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By Suzana Sukovic

Some of you may have already heard of an excellent capacity building program for health workers in rural and remote areas of New South Wales. The good news is that applications for the 2018 Rural Research Capacity Building Program are now open. Even better, it has been confirmed that the program is not for health staff only. Dr Kerith Duncanson, Program Officer, invites library and information staff to apply:

We have had such wonderful support in the past for RRCBP candidates from Local Health District librarians, and also within the systematic review courses. However, we have never had a librarian in the program and there are many topics that would be useful and applicable for a librarian to investigate. Therefore, if any of the librarians were interested in developing research skills and have a research question to answer, we would encourage an application.

Some of you may have heard about the program in LARK’s webinar in February. You may now like to hear or revisit Kerith Duncanson’s presentation From experienced health clinician to novice researcher to find out more about the program.

Applications are open till 31 October 2017. Click here for further details. 


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